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Behind the Scenes at the Election Commission: Absentee Voting

One of things we talked about most frequently at the Election Commission was the fact that people just don't realize how much effort goes into an election behind the scenes. A voter doesn't have to do much. Getting an early ballot requires sending in a request, waiting for it to come in the mail, then filling it in and sending it back. You probably think that we process the request, send them a ballot, then just put the returned ballot into a box until election day comes around, right? Oh boy are you wrong!

Behind the Scenes at the Election Commission: Filling Out a Ballot

You wouldn't think filling in some ovals on your ballot would be such a difficult task to complete, but for some people this can really test your skills. Being a part of the opening committee at the election commission, I've now seen some of the weird things that people do with their ballot. Most noteably, the trouble they have with just filling in the ovals! Here are some examples of odd things I've seen people do:

Why didn't you respond to my message?

I've found that a lot of people get irritated with me because I never "respond" to their messages, when in reality I only ignore a very small percentage of messages. So, let me explain the process of messaging me so that you'll know exactly what happens. I rarely ever keep my IM windows on my screen, they're always covered up by other windows, and usually my phone is somewhere across the room. I rely solely on the notification sound to tell me that I've received a new message. In the case of my phone, I only use the vibrate settings (which is actually quite loud when sitting on a hard surface) and never use a ringtone. Sometimes, if I'm really focused on something, I merely don't hear anything. Yes, I do get that into some of my programming things sometimes, and when you're playing a game, it can also get quite loud and harder to hear notifications. I do try to check on my messages on my computer and on my phone every once in a while just to make sure I didn't miss anything.


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Kyle Staskiewicz

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April 8, 1991