A Plan to Improve My Health

I’ve always considered myself a generally healthy person, and have always been proud that I’ve completely avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and other intoxicants completely throughout my life. Being one of the lucky few that rarely ever feels sick due to common colds and other generic illnesses helps too; things that would normally cause people to take a day or two off from school or work. But there is so much more to maintaining a healthy lifestyle than avoiding drugs and alcohol or never being sick – a host of things that I should be doing to improve myself but don’t do. Health isn’t just about not feeling sick, but represents your overall well-being. It is a combination of many factors of your everyday life covering such things as eating habits, sleep patterns, and exercise routines.

Unmarked Police Cruisers Are Not A Scam to Catch You

I recently saw an advertisement pop up on my Facebook timeline comparing European and “American” police vehicles. I tried to post a comment explaining some of the problems with the image and that people shouldn’t buy into it and the person who shared the image deleted it. Well, some people don’t like hearing the truth, but considering how many people actually believe this nonsense, I’m going to blog about it instead.

Welcome to the new blog!

After not actually posting anything here since November of 2012, I have finally updated the blog with a new design and added some new content that accumulated over the years, as well as salvaging some of my past content that I actually liked.

How beneficial is working remotely?

Flexible workplaces, also known as remote working, allow employees to establish their own work environment at their home. This benefit is often seen as solely beneficial to the employee, and is frequently used to advertise positions and capture more talented employees who would otherwise be unavailable. Some employers don’t see the other side of the coin and fail to ascertain how remote employees could further benefit the company. Some even fear that remote work just leads to bigger problems. However, flexible workplaces are beneficial to both employers and employees alike - they just each get different benefits. Remote work done right can lead to happier and more loyal employees, increased productiveness and efficiency, and even reduced costs for the company.

Gender Neutering in the English Language

Have you noticed others around you consistently neutering their gender pronouns? Well they're doing it for a reason, but that reason is rather irritating if you think through it more thoroughly. Join me as I critically analyze a satirical article that defends gender and denounces this neutering tactic.

Where is Nebraska?

Do you know where Nebraska is on the map? Because my friend doesn’t…

Game Review: Assassin's Creed III Liberation

This was the first game I played on my PlayStation Vita, and I have to say it was quite an interesting experience. Overall, the story-line was quite interesting compared to its relative, Assassin’s Creed III, and it was interesting to see how the two games got tied into each other. I especially enjoyed hunting down the Citizen E to reveal the true story.

Display all the errors!

The world of user interfaces is a dreadful one. Trying to account for every possible thing a user can do can be quite tedious, and making your user interface easy to use in all those cases even moreso. The primary thing I see most often, however, is the lack of proper error messages when a user does something wrong. Whenever a user has the potential to do more than one thing wrong at a time, they should be shown all those things they’ve done wrong when they first submit. This seems to be where most developers have trouble. Let me explain.

Parallels and Parallelograms

This was an external assessment I had to complete for my IB Mathematics SL course in high school that I recently found again and thought I’d share with everyone. I have no idea what grade I ended up getting on this.

The Real Life of Santa Claus

Most people see Santa as a magical character living on the North Pole with all the magic in the world, a person who just shows up once a year to hand out presents. Well, I’m heading deep into the North Pole to find out the truth about Santa Clause. What I found is he doesn’t have it so easy. In fact, he’s just as human as any one of us is, maybe even more. See, he’s experienced every situation life can throw at a person.

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