Single Player Blackjack

I was bored laying in bed one night and was trying to figure out something to do. I like playing card games but the fun ones requires multiple people. All I could thing of as far as single player was boring old Solitaire, which gets really lame after the first or second game. So, I decided to come up with my own game. I love playing Blackjack and Poker (Texas Hold’em style) so I created a little single player mode so I could play by myself. Basically, you’re just playing against the ‘house’ like you would at the casino.

First off, get a small sheet of paper and draw a grid with three columns. One column is for the player, one for the house, and the other is for the pot (I’ll explain that later). Usually I only play to 10 rounds but you can change the number to anything you want. Then you just deal the cards like you would for two people. Keep the house’s cards face down so you can’t see them, and your cards face up. You can keep hitting until you are satisfied with your hand and you want to stay. If you get a blackjack (21) with your two dealt cards (not more cards adding up to 21), then draw a small circle on the right side of your column. This goes for the house too, if they have a blackjack when you turn up their cards, put a circle on the right side of their column.

Once you’ve stayed, turn over the house’s cards. The house will continue to draw cards until they beat what you have, tie with you, or go bust (go over 21). The person who wins the round gets to keep the cards played in that round. If the house and player both draw the same amount (for example, they both end with a 19), then those cards go in the pot. So, at the side, you’ll have three piles of cards: the cards the player has won, the cards the house has won, and the cards that are in the pot.

After the hand is done, do not shuffle the cards back into the deck. You will keep playing with the same deck of cards until you run out. Continue dealing hands following this process. If you finish a hand and there are less than ten cards left to deal, then the rest of the deck will be thrown in the pot. If you run out of cards in the middle of the hand, the house will finish with whatever cards they have already been dealt and whoever has the best hand at that point will win that hand.

At the end of the round, simply count up how many cards the player and house have. For every circle, that person will gain ten additional points, adding ten more for additional circles (so if they have three circles that round, they get 10 (first circle) + 20 (second circle) + 30 (third circle) = 60 total bonus points for their circles). Add these final scores to the scores each player has already received. Now, count the number of cards in the pot and record that number in the pot column.

The person who earned the most cards (do not include bonus points from the circles) will gain the value of the pot from the previous round (so nothing will be awarded the very first round) and the person with the highest score at the end of the game will earn whatever is in the pot the very last round. Whoever has the highest score wins, the house or you.

It can be quite entertaining. It takes a lot longer to play than Solitaire does and I’ll usually play two or three times before I get bored, which uses up a lot more time than Solitaire ever would. I hope this small game will bring everyone else as much joy as it has me!