Welcome to the new blog!

After not actually posting anything here since November of 2012, I have finally updated the blog with a new design and added some new content that accumulated over the years, as well as salvaging some of my past content that I actually liked.

Why only salvage some of the content?

Because a lot of my old content was just dumb. Re-reading it, I don’t really care about it. That’s not to say I regret writing it, just that I wasn’t particularly proud of it and didn’t care to preserve it in the new system.

It took you over four years for a new design?

No, not really. This is actually the second design that I made to revamp my blog. The other one was much more colorful but I ultimately ended up ditching it because it was too colorful. I also wanted a much more simplified design because I didn’t feel like building in a bunch of features to support all the design elements I had integrated into past designs. The design I’m using now simplifies in a variety of ways, but most importantly eliminates the grey on grey on grey on grey on grey on grey that the previous design had. It was just hideous.

So you finally finished building it?

Well… no. I actually abandoned the entire blog system I had built previously in favor of Jekyll. Why Jekyll? Because GitHub Pages uses it out-of-the-box and I also didn’t feel like maintaining my own hosting account or virtual server anymore either. This gives me the flexibility to do the minimalist things I was actually doing with my blog on a free platform that still lets me use my own domain. GitHub Pages just felt like a perfect fit that let me quickly get my blog up and running again while also saving around $130/year by not needing to pay for hosting anymore. Yay!

So expect me to actually post some of my thoughts here moving forward, rather than just thinking “gosh i really wish I had a functional blog to post this on,” potentially writing it down for later reference, and then just never following through on the content because… unfinished blog.

Comments coming later!