Parallels and Parallelograms

This was an external assessment I had to complete for my IB Mathematics SL course in high school that I recently found again and thought I’d share with everyone. I have no idea what grade I ended up getting on this.

The Real Life of Santa Claus

Most people see Santa as a magical character living on the North Pole with all the magic in the world, a person who just shows up once a year to hand out presents. Well, I’m heading deep into the North Pole to find out the truth about Santa Clause. What I found is he doesn’t have it so easy. In fact, he’s just as human as any one of us is, maybe even more. See, he’s experienced every situation life can throw at a person.

Single Player Blackjack

I was bored laying in bed one night and was trying to figure out something to do. I like playing card games but the fun ones requires multiple people. All I could thing of as far as single player was boring old Solitaire, which gets really lame after the first or second game. So, I decided to come up with my own game. I love playing Blackjack and Poker (Texas Hold’em style) so I created a little single player mode so I could play by myself. Basically, you’re just playing against the ‘house’ like you would at the casino.

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