Understanding prisoner rights and privileges.

One important distinction that is very important to keep in mind when discussing prisoner rights is the difference between rights and privileges. Not everyone understands what a prisoner's life is like, and incorrectly assume that they are given a lot more than they really are while incarcerated.

Exploring the urinary system, and its relationship to the cardiovascular system.

Adapted from a PowerPoint presentation, this essay explored the urinary system including its physiology, histology, homeostasis, common diseases that affect the system, and interactions with the cardiovascular system.

Will I actually follow a plan to improve my health?

I've always considered myself a generally healthy person, and have always been proud that I've completely avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and other intoxicants completely throughout my life. Being one of the lucky few that rarely ever feels sick due to common colds and other generic illnesses helps too; things that would normally cause people to take a day or two off from school or work. But there is so much more to maintaining a healthy lifestyle than avoiding drugs and alcohol or never being sick ā€“ a host of things that I should be doing to improve myself but don't do.

How beneficial is working remotely?

Flexible workplaces, also known as remote working, allow employees to establish their own work environment at their home. This benefit is often seen as solely beneficial to the employee, and is frequently used to advertise positions and capture more talented employees who would otherwise be unavailable. Some employers don't see the other side of the coin and fail to ascertain how remote employees could further benefit the company. Some even fear that remote work just leads to bigger problems.

Creating a concept map to analyze unfair police shootings and deaths of African American civilians.

This is a somewhat complicated issue that can't be easily summarized in just a few words: suspected racism in the police force resulting in seemingly unfair shootings and deaths of African American civilians. Police shootings aren't all that uncommon, at least not according to some data collected by The Washington Post which suggests that 991 deaths by police occurred in the year 2015. That's a lot of officer-involved deaths ā€“ a rate of almost three per day.

Gender Neutering in the English Language

Have you noticed others around you consistently neutering their gender pronouns? Well they're doing it for a reason, but that reason is rather irritating if you think through it more thoroughly. Join me as I critically analyze a satirical article that defends gender and denounces this neutering tactic.

Parallels and Parallelograms

This was an external assessment I had to complete for my IB Mathematics SL course in high school that I recently found again and thought Iā€™d share with everyone. I have no idea what grade I ended up getting on this.

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