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Recently, my husband and I decided to swap rooms for our office and bed. Over the years we've been in this apartment, the layout just wasn't working for us. We needed more space for our office to be comfortable and there was no way we could cram more desk into the existing office.
For those who might not know, I was married once before and it was quite the journey for the time he was around. We met in Boston, MA while I was living there for seven months with a close friend. He died in March of 2018 and the experiences we had together were nothing short of intense.
Find out what all I did behind the scenes to get the new blog system online and what my plan is moving forward. Introducing the new Development category.
I may have learned plenty from my dual major and dual minor degree program, but one part of that program left a sour taste in my mouth. Let me share my thoughts and experience on what I learned from my criminal justice courses.