Thanks to everyone!

Everything that I do wouldn't be possible without the help of others. While I often choose to custom-build and do everything on my own, there are some things I just don't have the adequate experience to do myself. Not all of the things mentioned below are used on the public site or visible to you, but they were used to make all of this possible and are deserving of credit.

Why draw an entire set of custom icons yourself when the are plenty already available that look beautiful?

A web application framework that powers the backend of the intranet and production sites on our network.

The amazing artist responsible for drawing and rigging my VTube avatar that I use for streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

The provider of our virtual private server that runs the live sites you are viewing right now.

JavaScript Libraries

A handy library that handles perfectly positioning tooltips and popovers on the page with minimal effort.

A library that provides syntax highlighting for a number of programming languages to make code blocks more readable.

A code editor component that is used for editing the pages and templates that make up the sites on the network.

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